Food and enjoyment are our passion

We want to show what the world
tastes like and introduce regional “food stars” in new places.

The focus of our activities is on products within the areas of confectionery, savory & healthy snacks, gourmet food and
alcohol-free beverages. Of course we are, and will remain, open for new ideas.

We are a young business that arose from an idea on a trip through Europe.

While we tra­vel­led through Europe, we tried the most di­ver­se foods and as­ked our­sel­ves why we can’t buy the­se tas­ty pro­ducts in our coun­try. An idea was born.

With mo­re than 20 ye­ars of re­le­vant ex­pe­ri­ence in the food in­dus­try we know it’s not busi­nes­ses that sell pro­ducts, it’s peop­le who do their work with pas­si­on. And that’s what we do!

Our aim is to find pro­ducts that are al­re­ady suc­cess­ful in their re­spec­tive coun­tries of ori­gin and to add them to our port­fo­lio. We do this with the ob­jec­tive to ex­pand pro­duct di­ver­si­ty and to pro­vi­de new im­pul­ses to the mar­ket. Along with the high qua­li­ty and the ex­cel­lent tas­te of the pro­ducts, im­portant as­pects for us when choo­sing our co­ope­ra­ti­on part­ners are a good li­ne of con­tact to the ma­nu­fac­tu­rers, as well as their ca­re­ful work-manship and com­pe­tence du­ring ma­nu­fac­tu­ring.

We want to show what the world tas­tes li­ke and in­tro­du­ce re­gio­nal “food stars” in new pla­ces.


Alcohol-free beverages

As our bo­dies con­sist of ap­pro­xi­mate­ly 60% wa­ter, suf­fi­ci­ent in­ta­ke of li­quids is im­portant and for so­me among us it is a dai­ly chal­len­ge to drink the re­com­men­ded dai­ly amount. We want to help with this is­sue and of­fer de­li­cious op­ti­ons to make the en­joy­ment of drin­king ri­cher in va­rie­ty.


Gourmet food

On our tra­vels and du­ring our ram­bles through food shops ab­road, we al­ways try to find the ex­cep­tio­nal. Whether it is an ex­tra­or­di­na­ry sau­ce or an unusu­al spi­ce mix is of se­con­da­ry im­por­t­an­ce – high qua­li­ty and stan­dards as well as uni­que­ness are cru­ci­al for us.



What on­ce be­gan un­der the slo­gan “Nothing tas­tes swee­ter than ho­ney” no­wa­days is much mo­re co­lor­ful and di­ver­se. We would li­ke to con­tri­bu­te to pre­ser­ving this di­ver­si­ty and to pro­vi­de fur­t­her im­pul­ses to the mar­ket with our “stars”.



Dried fruit are con­s­i­de­red an ear­ly form of con­fec­tione­ry and even to­day dried fruit is de­emed as the healt­hi­er of the two. Either on its own or com­bi­ned with tas­ty nuts that are al­so health-pro­mo­ting or as a healt­hy bar – we have an ide­al, de­li­cious snack avail­ab­le.